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Face/Body Shimmer Item HB-232Size 10 ML
 £18.00  £12.00
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Hy-brd's Mineral Body Shimmers are formulated using feather-light shimmering minerals, adding a radiant sparkle when lightly brushed anywhere on the body and body. Our mineral body shimmers can be worn alone or in combination with any of our other mineral cosmetics. Our Mineral Body Shimmer is packed in an elegant 10ml Jar containing 2g loose powder. It includes Sifter and Sifter Sealer.

Apply to the body, face or hair using a large powder brush. Can also be mixed in with your body lotion or sprinkled in the hair to achieve desired look. 

Tips: Gold Shimmer powders are gorgeous on tanned or dark Skintones.  

Silver Body Shimmer are beautiful on light skintones.  

Bronze Shimmer Powders greatly enhance the tanned or dark skintones.


Hybrds Mineral Makeup Range contains all natural ingredients to help nourish the skin while providing excellent, flawless coverage. Great for sensitive skin and eyes. 

More About Our Minerals

Pure mineral make-up is made without fillers and binders, such as talc, bismuth oxychloride or mineral oil. The main ingredients in mineral makeup are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—both physical sunscreens that provide broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Since mineral makeup is composed of inorganic minerals and are also oil-free, they do not support the growth of bacteria—making mineral makeup especially beneficial for those with acne-prone skin. And because it does not contain sensitizers like perfumes and chemical dyes that may cause allergies, mineral makeup is considered gentle for sensitive skin types.

Interestingly, titanium dioxide has an extremely high light refraction index which helps to diffuse the appearance of skin imperfections and gives the skin a luminous look. It provides long-lasting coverage, leaving the skin with an even, smooth appearance.

Since the natural minerals are very resistant to water, it provides an excellent solution for those who like to wear make-up while at the gym, beach, or swimming.

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