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Hybrd Beauty Tips August 2015: How to look Sun-Kissed this Summer
Admin 08-26-2015, 18:35

Whatever your doing to enjoy the rest of this Summer whether you have been enjoying your holiday aboard, or making the most of the wonderful sunshine this summer How do you keep that glowing sun kissed look? 

Today with Hybrd we are going to make the most out of your summer starting with exfoliating  your body with a homemade body scrub salt as sea salt and olive oil and then Hydrate your skin with Hybrd Aloe body Lotion. 

This is the perfect Body Lotion to hydrate, moisturise,your skin. To get that Hybrd golden glow use Hybrd Mineral bronzing powder or body shimmer mix to mix in with the Aloe body lotion. There are four shades which you can choose from. The offer different shimmers that suit an array of shades. 

With the Hybrd Mineral Bronzer apply to your arms, legs and décolleté (your neck area) This will leave your skin with an amazing glow as the sunlight and into the evening. 

Hybrd's Bronzing powder can also be used on the face. You can work a small amount into your cheek bones, you can highlight the bridge of your nose and work into your forehead and use as a highlighter under your eyebrows and into your eyelids. I love Hybrd Mineral Bronzer as you can even mix a small amount with your favourite lipgloss to give it that extra shimmer. Hybrd Mineral Bronzer is so versatile, it can be used on any part of the body as it's suitable for all skin types. 

And also for an added bonus to complement your sun kissed look, you can start to use Hybrd's lipsticks or lipgloss, eye shadows and eyebrow kit. To give an extra touch you can use our Hybrd Nail polishes to show off those perfectly manicured hands and perfect pedicure. The best part of our Mineral range they all have a natural SPF factor of 15, so make sure to Keep you skin protected this summer by using sun protection and not to forget to keep your skin moisturised and soft with Hybrd aloe body lotion and drink water to keep hydrated. 

Have fun smiley take care

Hybrd Beauty Health Director 

Patesha Seraphim xo

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