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Hybrd Beauty Tips JULY 2015: Take Care Of Yourself This Summer With Hybrd!
Admin 08-26-2015, 18:35

Hi Readers , 

Today I am going to be sharing with you six great tips to take care of yourself with Hybrd this summer and even these tips can be used whilst you are travelling to any hot destination. Start reading below so you can get Summer ready with Hybrd from now;

Skin Protection: It’s important that you protect your skin during these hot summer months by wearing sun protection all over your body if you are on the beach or just sun bathing in the Garden. This means it will protect you from the damaging UVB  burning rays and UVA ageing rays. Which will help keep you looking younger for longer Stop your skin from burning and sun damaged skin.

Stay Hydrated: Drink lots of water keep hydrated !!! wear a hat on those really hot days, on the beach re-apply your sun protection often. 

Hair Conditioning: Always condition your hair once you have been in the sea or in a swimming pool, Hybrd Argan oil Hair  Range is perfect  it will help to repair your hair  and keep it in top condition. 

Skin Moisturised: Not to forget to keep your body well moisturised during these summer months by using Hybrd Aloe Vera Body lotion. 

Mineral Hybrd Foundation: Hybrd Mineral Foundation has a built in sun protection factor of 15 (SPF15) which means when wearing it you have some sun protection from UVA ageing rays and UVB burning rays. Not only the sun protection but this foundation is water resistant. Your make up will stay in place, just simply pat it with a tissue then dust lightly with your Hybrd Mineral Powder Foundation.

Hybrd Summer Shades: The following shades are great for you to use this Summer! Try some of our Hybrd Body bronzer’s which come in an assortment of all shades depending on your skin colour. Some of the summery Hybrd lipgloss and lipgloss shades we have Rudi which is an orange frosty colour, another hot red colour called Russian which is red and creamy and with our Mineral and Long lasting Lipglosses all shades in pinks, reds and natural shades are suitable this summer for your preferences. There are many eyeshadows of your choice Blue, Green, Gold and Bronze. You can get summer defined eyebrows by getting our eyebrow Kit, Black Mascara, Blusher, which is suitable for all skin tones.

Hope you all are having a great month!

Take Care

Hybrd Beauty Director 

Patesha Seraphim  x

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