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FEBRUARY HYBRD HAIR TIPS! Keep Your Hair In Top Condition This Month!
Admin 08-26-2015, 18:29

Hi Hybrd Beauty Followers!

For Hybrd beauty tips this Feb edition, I will be talking about Hair Care and how to keep your hair in top tip condition this season! I will be sharing my tips on testing your brittle hair, split ends and shedding of hair! This is the season to know how to test whether your hair is hydrated enough. With this weather season changing, I find that being in a central heated environment and exposing my hair to different climates can really affect my hair and it becomes dry and dull looking. So you may ask how can know the signs of my hair condition? I'm going to share with you a few tips that helps me at this time of the year. 

Dry Hair: If your skin is dry its an indication the your hair is also dry. If this is the case you will need to increase your water intake. The recommended intake is 1.6 litres a day also you could be low in omega 3 which is a vital 

nutrient that will nourish your hair from the roots and also protect your heart against disease ,cancer and also gives anti ageing properties. Our Hybrd Argan Oil conditioner has omega 3 and 9 in conditioner therefore this will help to repair any damage whilst nourishing and hydrating your hair. 

How To Test Your Is Brittle: Take a strand of your hair from your head pull it if it snaps near the root then you know that your hair is brittle. If you have been using chemical products in your hair such as colour treatments, perms and hot appliances such as blowdrying and straightening you may need to refrain from all of these things until your hair goes back to its natural state. Avoid washing your hair regularly as this strips the natural moisture from your hair. We have a fantastic Hybrd Leave in Conditioner and Argan Oil treatment which can start the process of building your hair up again. 

How To Identify Split Ends : How to identify whether you have split ends, when there is an excess of split ends it could be as sign that your diet lacking in essential fatty acids which are found in nuts seeds which helps to bind the ends together they also help with the skin cells to retain water for optimum hydration. Split end tear along the the hair shaft split ends start with a single tear by using Argan oil serum it will temporary seal it. Use the Argan oil shampoo and Argan conditioner. The next thing you would have to do is to book yourself in for a hair trim to get rid of the split ends. 

How To Strengthen Your Shedding Hair : Shedding of hair could be an indication that your hair is shedding more than normal it could be due to your hormones, stress, illness, pregnancy or post -birth which can disrupt the three year cycle of hair growth, rest and shedding. In the meantime what can help to strengthen your hair is using The Hybrd intensive hair treatment which will replenish your hair from the roots and protecting it by giving your hair strands with an added coating that can strengthen your hair. If thinning of the hair continues longer than this time period than you must seek medical advice

Hybrd Hair Products

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Hybrd Hair Extension Conditioner

Hybrd Normal Hair Shampoo & Normal Hair Conditioner

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For more products please continue to view our Hybrd products on the website! Keep checking for

Take Care,

Patesha Seraphim x

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